Genuine Recruiting is a recruiting firm focused on building companies and enriching lives.

Our biggest differentiator is our name. It’s about being Genuine. Building real relationships with both candidates and clients, understanding their needs and truly caring about where they want to be.

We focus on fit. One thing we can promise you is that we won’t throw paper at you. We are NOT just looking to make placements, but finding employees that will provide real value to your company. That happens by making sure it is the best fit for both the client and candidate.

We are sourcers first. You can’t recruit someone unless you can find them. And sourcing is all about finding. We can find just about anyone, anywhere.

Sales ability matters. We can close a higher percentage of candidates for you.

“Genuine Recruiting really helped us out with some hard-to-fill positions in the SaaS software space. What we noticed right off the bat was Genuine Recruiting really cared about us as a business. They really understood our business needs, gathered competitive intelligence, and ultimately they produced. During the process, we had a chance to hear them on the phone with potential candidates and we said, ‘Wow, they really get our business and care about protecting our brand.”

Ryan Westwood, CEO of Simplus, Best-Selling Author, Forbes Columnist, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor


Josh Brecheisen is the Owner and President of Genuine Recruiting. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently resides in Utah. He pursued an undergraduate in Economics at BYU, where he also was a member of the BYU Men’s Volleyball team. Some consider Josh the Rudy of BYU volleyball but don’t expect any movies on that. In his first interview out of college the company’s CEO pegged Josh as a recruiter. That began what has become a fulfilling career in one of the most rewarding industries, helping companies to grow and people to feed their families. Josh has worked as a corporate recruiter, agency recruiter, and even a hybrid of both. In 2011 he helped start an agency recruiting firm for a nation-wide group of marketing companies and in 2012 he started Genuine Recruiting working with IT companies that have a footprint in Utah.